Oriental Rug cleaning is a technique that requires the need of expert carpet cleaners who are well-trained in the market. Still we have to comprehend that vacuuming alone is not the option to get a totally clean carpet, although we are used to the original approach to vacuum cleaning.

Like most services, oriental carpet cleaning is just not a straightforward job, particularly if done by individuals without an expertise. They require a distinctive strategy in cleaning. These types of carpet are specific types of carpeting. They are not rugged , so scrubbing them roughly is not going to do the trick. Powerful detergents do not make things better, either.

Oriental carpet cleaning is frequently overlooked and is one of those cleaning routines that is essential to maintaining a spotless home or business. Filth and grime, stains, and spots, all the wrecks life brings in a dwelling wreck havoc on your oriental carpets. Oriental rug cleaning in Frisco TX can literally turn back time for all your rugs.

Miracle Steam Pros has been offering Oriental Rug Cleaning In Frisco TX and a wide variety of services to meet our customers’ needs. I custom design carpet cleaning procedures for each job and personally am on every job that we perform.

Serving: Plano, McKinney, Allen, Celina, Murphy, Prosper, Sachse, and Anna and all surrounding areas.

We offer the Following Services:
* Custom Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
* Carpet Re-Stretch and Repair
* Custom Oriental Rug Cleaning (Specializing in onsite Cleaning )
* Pet Stain Removal
* Power Vacuuming
* Mattress cleaning

I also Offer Additional Services in the following:
* Water Damage Restoration
* Odor Control/Deodorization
* Emergency Water Extraction
* Structural Drying

We use the latest drying equipment the industry has to offer, giving you the best results possible.

We use the latest drying equipment the industry has to offer, giving you the best results possible.


Oriental Rug Cleaning In Frisco Texas
oriental rug cleaning in frisco tx

Some of the Oriental & Persian Rugs that we clean in Frisco TX

Aubusson Rug:

Origin: Villages of Aubusson and Felletin in central France. However, Aubusson-style rugs are currently produced in China, India, and Pakistan.

Bokhara Rug:

Origin: Pakistan, Afghanistan, and central Asia

Chobi Rug (also known as Peshawar):

Origin: Traditionally produced in Pakistan

Gabbeh Rug:

Origin: Style of Persian rug traditionally made in southwest Iran. Gabbeh is Farsi for “raw or natural, uncut or ‘in the rough’”.

Khotan Rug:

Origin:The ancient city of Khotan (Hotan) in the southern region of Xinjiang (Chinese Turkistan).

Oushak Rug (also called Ushak):

Origin: Uşak, Turkey

Persian Medallion Rug (also called Kashan):

Origin:Iran and Pakistan

Qashqai Rug:

Origin: Iran